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Weight Loss Solution

Normal Weight Loss

The normal way of burning the extra calories, which is dumped inside our bodyis by increasing the BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate) artificially. A person can expect an average of 3 kg weight loss (may vary from person to person) in a month's time without any side effect or future effect .

Advanced Weight Loss

Advanced weight loss will be done through the advanced machines which destroy the fat cells and 70% of it will be consumed by our body as energy and rest of the broken fat tissues will be flushed out by the normal drainage system of our body.

Figure Correction

Figure correction will be for those who want to reduce a particular part of the body to get it into proper shape. Special machines and therapies will be applied to reduce the particular area fat and to give inch loss. Here fat loss won't be visible as we can expect inch loss only.

Single sitting Based

This is done by the best and the most upgraded technology discovered by Harvard medical school, USA. Here the fat cells will be killed and flushed out by our own body immunity system. This treatment is having zero down time and it is single session based.


Is weight loss safe by this kind of treatment?

Yes itsabsolutely safe procedure as it is all about external treatments and no medications or drinks are prescribed with this treatment.

Do we have any Side effects or Future effects?

No there are no side effects or future effects as we deal with therapy based treatments only.

Do I need to maintain my diet with this weight loss program?

Yes, diet modification is required as diet is the most important part of any weight loss treatment. And it won't be crash diet as we believe in healthy way of reducing weight. We only prescribe a balanced diet, which is based on your current intake of food.

How Vcare weight loss programs are different from others?

Vcare's weight loss program is different as we believe in science and technology and this two makes us different from all. Further, we use all the advance technologies and FDA approved equipment only.

How often I need to come for treatment weekly?

Weekly two to three times you need to visit us for the treatment.


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