Follitreat Therapy

Follitreat therapy is an signature treatment effective on strengthening hair regrowth 


Adequate hair fall is caused by various reasons like hormonal influence, hereditary, auto immune, nutritional disorder, environmental and psychological factors. When trying to treat it with online products and home remedies can damage your hair follicles and cause even more hair loss.

Follitreat therapy is the most advanced hair growth therapy to rejuvenate your hair. VCare’s signature treatment specially designed to stop hair fall, remove dandruff flakes, exfoliate the dead cell from the scalp, improves blood circulation to the scalp and to have healthy hair, scalp and strengthens hair root. Our trichologist will examine the scalp and hair condition through microscopic analysis helps us to find the root cause of the problem. Proper procedures like scrubbing, vacuum, massage, ultrasonic, I Grow lasers, oxy jet, hair tonik spray, and high-frequency help the scalp to restructure its wound and starts the rejuvenation process immediately after the 1st sitting.

Note: The entire the procedure is completed under 1 ½ hour from start to finish, with a total of 6 sittings (min).

VCare’s trichologist provides you with the right treatment solution and encourages you to have healthy hair and scalp within a few procedures.