Biocell Therapy

It nourishes the stem cells in the hair matrix thus enhancing hair growth potential.

Biocell Hair Growth Therapy 

We can’t deny that hair loss affects our day to day life. No more fears are any more tears we are here to help you with the safest treatment procedure in VCare. State of the art facility and with highly experienced specialists and therapists are here to find a solution for your problem.   

Advance stem cell therapy,

80% of Both Men and Women are affected by hair loss, and this is devastating for their image. Many suffer from hair loss, thinning in silence because they’re embarrassed by the issue. The doctor in VCare performs a physical examination of the scalp. Depending on conditions like Androgenetic Alopecia (AGA) and Diffused Hair Loss (DHL) our specialized Biocell hair growth therapy (stem cell therapy) 

Biocell hair growth therapy is the most promising healthcare treatment that ensures hair regrowth. This most innovative and advance stem cell therapy acts in multifarious ways and gives great results for hair loss and baldness. Stem cells and growth factors usage have been very effective to treat hair loss and hair related problems. Knowing this, Biocell treatment makes use of the products developed using specialized Plant stem cells (Argan tree), Growth factors, Biomimetic peptides, and Cosmeceuticals.

Our procedure,

A combination of Blue light, Needleless Mesotherapy, and IGrow are used to achieve penetration and nourishment of stem cells in the hair matrix thus enhancing hair growth potential. In VCare specialized Biocell therapy is undertaken along with our holistic approach. It goes deep inside, strengthens and nourishes the hair root. The miniaturized follicles are stimulated and are rejuvenated using this therapy. This treatment also makes use of the advanced equipment to control inflammation, enhance blood circulation and strengthen the hair follicle.

Note: The entire procedure is completed under 1 ½ hour from start to finish, with a total of 6 sittings(min).

"Hair loss complications can be many but the only solution is VCare."