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Pits & Scars

Post Acne Pits

Once you've cleared your acne, you may still find dark spots on your face or even textured areas where the surface of your skin has changed. These are acne scars and post acne marks. In order to treat and prevent them, the first step is to understand the difference between an acne scar and a post acne mark.

Post Inflammatory / Acne Scars

A post acne mark is an area of changed pigmentation that will appear darker on your skin. If you have dark spots on your skin without a change in texture, then you have a form of post acne marks. However, if there's been a change in skin texture, then you have an acne scar and should read the section on post acne scars. The good news is that if you have post acne marks they are temporary and will fade with time and the use of the right skin care product regimen.


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