Trichology is the scientific study and practice concerned with the hair and scalp


Human hair is a fascinating subject to study, the term used for studying hair is called Trichology. 

Trichology is the branch of dermatology that deals with the scientific study of the health of hair and scalp. The word Trichology originates from the ancient Greek word "Trikhos" meaning hair. The study of hair has opened lot many doors to find out more interesting things about the human body. The condition of your hair is an indicator of your health. Nowadays hair loss has become a major factor in both men and women, it is a common thing to shed around 80% of the hair on a daily basis. When it starts to shed more, then it is a big problem. At the right time where trichologist comes into rescue to save your hair loss.

Why you need a Trichologist?

A Trichologist has been trained specifically about scalp and hair conditions. Though your hair stylist can give you some general tips about hair health and maintenance, you need an expert to manage hair loss and scalp disorders. Also, a Trichologist is often able to discover conditions that someone else might miss. Qualified trichologists undergo intensive training in Trichology -- the scientific study of hair and scalp disorders.

Qualified Trichologist will give you an in-depth consultation that includes a digital microscopic analysis of your hair and your scalp. He/she will provide you with information on diet and lifestyle changes that may help manage your disorder. Plus, the Trichologist can talk to you about treatment options that may include hair detoxification, low light laser therapy, scalp exfoliation, stress therapy treatments, topical solutions, and other treatments. Additionally, the Trichologist will work with other medical professionals and nutritional experts to develop a hair loss solution plan that is customized just for you.

Also, remember you don't have to have a hair problem to consult a Trichologist.

Did you know?

Human hair grows autonomously, that is each hair is on its own individual cycle.

In VCare, trichologist will spend time explaining how to deal with your condition as part of the treatment regimen.