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Dandruff Treatment

The exceptional scalp oil is mixed with one of a kind blend of Vcares distinctive hair healthy aroma oils; It's taken in appropriate extent to offer incredible impacts on your scalp. The ideal mix of oil relieves your scalp, fortifies the roots and feeds the hair shaft.


Your hair is comprised of 91 percent of protein and it is fundamental to supply the right protein to your hair at the right time to help them stay healthy for long as the protein chain gets damaged because of sun, contamination and other external exposures. The protein pack we offer to customers avoids harm, advances hair regrowth, includes dampness and keeps it healthy and alive.

  • Gets rid of  dandruff flakes (malassezia furfur), excess oil, dirt, present on the scalp.
  • The increased  blood flow will transport oxygen and supplements to the follicles to start hair development.
  • Promotes the disappearance  of numerous pathogenic (malady creating) microorganisms, infections, organisms and parasites.
  • Ozone treatment empowers the hair follicles, invigorate multiplication of the cell, the cell being encouraged expansions .
  • Controls Dandruff.
  • It will quicken hair development, hair follicles development stage longer, shorter resting stage .
  • Ozone is effectively zapped hard and relax hair .
  • Oxygen supply to hair roots disinfection of microorganisms
  • Gives Sterilization impacts.
  • Reduce Inflammation.
  • Controls male pattern baldness and recovery existing hair.
  • Thicken existing flimsy and frail hair and enhance the composition of hair .
  • Increases the creation of oxygen radicals which results in clearer scalp.
  • To animate the follicle cells and electric current harms the organisms
  • Steam-It opens the pores
  • Deeper infiltration of the items
  • Promotes development
  • Refresh and rejuvinate
  • Aroma incitement
  • Anti aggravation
  • Stimulates the follicles
  • Strengthen the root


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