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Cool Laser Hair Removal

Magic wand to sway your unwanted hair

Vcare's Laser hair removal is the permanent solution for the removal of unwanted hair. We are using the best of technology for this. Laser is amplified light into a monochromatic beam, which acts of selective thermolysis of the target cells along with special cool technology immediately. In unwanted hair removal laser is target to the melanin present in the hair to partially heat the follicle and stop its activity and ultimately prevent the hair from growing.

After the consultation with our skin expert, the number of session is planned for the unwanted hair removal. Photograph of the treated area is taken to compare the improvement of the hair removal over the sessions. After procedure, sun screen is applied to the treated area and Vcare provides its own hair growth retardant serum to apply on the treated area.


Is the laser treatment is painful?

We use latest FDA approved laser equipment, which is completely pain free since cooling method is involved.

What precautions I should take after the laser treatment?

We prescribe the sun protection, which is must after the laser treatment and avoid excessive sun exposure immediately after the laser treatment.

What is the gap between one and the other session?

Normally it takes 18–45 days between each session.

Is the hair going to grow back once I finish with the procedure?

This is permanent hair thermolysis. Hence, the hair removal is permanent.

Can I get the laser done if I have thyroid or PCOD problem?

There is no restriction as such but you need to keep your medical condition under control for best results and it will take more sessions.


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