Hair Restoration - The Complete Guide by V Care Trichology

Do you hate the fact that you are losing hair? Tired of searching a zillion times about the ways to restore hair and have an amazing youthful look. We at VCare are just here to help you in this time of need, with the best treatments that are available to get you youthful and walk-in confidence.

To restore the hair you need various treatments that is uniquely framed for this decade because hair restoration is needed for individuals who have lost their hair through the years and for those who are heading for a retreating hairline.

You will be surprised at the number of treatments that are present for hair restoration but at VCare health clinic we have two amazing systems of treatments to ensure you achieve the best hair transplant and they are the FUE hair transplant and the ATP which is Advanced tricho pigmentation. These two are the best treatments available for any amount of hair loss and the best restoration method currently available.

The FUE method help to extract follicles and helps to restore the presence of a thick or fuller hair for those who have a diminishing hairline, in this method the hair follicles are transplanted from one part of the scalp onto the next.

The hair follicles are transported form one area of the scalp to the other area where there is less amount of hair and that is particularly found on the back and side of the head. The FUE is performed by the best doctors who guarantee the best results for any patient and makes their dream come true.

VCare clinic offers the best of ATP which is advanced tricho pigmentation. In this method, the pigmentation is applied to the scalp and helps to add density to places where the hair is found scanty and helps to deliver a fuller head for those with zero hair.

We are here to help you with any questions you have regarding this hair loss treatment, so make yourself free to get an  appointment with us and let your dream come true.